Hi everyone, today I want to introduce NppCrypt to you. It‘s a small but powerful plugin for notepad++ (I hope everyone of you knows it, if you don‘t, it is an „advanced“ editor for windows and you can download it here) with witch you can encrypt or decrypt texts. I use it to encrypt my password text files 🙂 on my computer.


Just download it from here and extract it to the plugin folder from n++ (normally C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins)


Open any text you want to encrypt and select the text to encrypt in notepad++ and then select extensions -> NppCrypt -> Encrypt.

nppcrypt before
nppcrypt before
nppcrypt after

A window opens where you can select the encryption algorithm. You enter a password to encrypt (don‘t forget this password!!!) and now the text is encrypted. You decrypt it the other way arround.

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