Hey folks,

some days ago we had a lot of performance problems with one of our customers.

That’s why a tool crossed my way which I weren’t aware of yet: Dynamics NAV Application Profiler

It is very easy to install and use and you’ll get a lot of information regarding reads and writes from and to the database.

  • Download the Dynamics NAV Application Profiler from the website above
  • Extract the downloaded file. You’ll find 6 *.txt files and 2 *.dll files.
  • Move the dll files to your service tier add-in folder (normally: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\100\Service\Add-Ins\)
  • Import the 6 *.txt files into your nav database and compile them
  • Now you can run the page 50000 from your development environment and a page looking like this one should open:
  • You can start recording your session by pressing the button „Start“
  • Now redo the action which took longer than normal and after that press the „Stop Recording“ button
  • You should get a lot of informations like this:

Especially the „duration“ field should help you to identify the problematic taks.

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